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All opinions expressed are my own.**I have to say that I am impressed with Rachel Dylan’s novel, Deadly Proof.

An Awakened Heart is a prelude to Jody Hedlund’s newest series set around the Orphan Trains.This moment that happens early on in the book is the catalyst that forces Tess out of her comfort zone and into something new.But that same moment, somehow seems to drag the pace of the book down for quite a few pages.What I really liked about this book was the brief devotions.Each one is centered around a verse or two that Alcorn then unpacks. But, when I first flipped through this book, I was disappointed because the coloring pages in this book have one of my biggest pet peeves—the book has this gold ink color printed in the coloring pages…First of all, Deadly Proof feels like a relevant book with all the talk about medical costs and pharmaceutical businesses in politics today.

This book takes a “what if” around that conversation and creates a plot with some sketchy business practices and powerful individuals willing to do anything to not get caught. Because one of the main characters is not a lawyer, things were explained without sounding overly teach-y. I did find myself getting bored with the book in a few places and some of the more “action” scenes felt a bit rushed at times, but overall, I really did like this book and I plan to continue reading this series.

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I like to do things like fidget and doodle, so to have a place to direct that while I think about a devotion or meditation is enjoyable to me.

And personally, a book that is focused on Scripture about Heaven sounded interesting and unique.

While this wasn’t perhaps my favorite piece of writing by her, it was still wonderful to just read more written by Hedlund. My one area of disappointment was that while Christine feels quite real, Guy feels shallow and under-developed.