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While there have been some alterations to how things occurred in real life (the couple were not broken up when she went into her coma) most of the big events are true.That being the case, it’s easy to guess that – unless they decided to add a very macabre twist to their own love story – Emily will survive the film and she and Kumail will end up together.

The Big Sick is written by Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V.Robyn Goforth Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Hair Loss & Bone Disorders Encoded Genomics, Stephanie Tagliatela Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Regulatory Genomics-based Platform Hemex Health, Patti White Life Sciences – Medical Device & Diagnostics – Malaria & Sickle Cell Diagnostics Hinge Bio, Inc., Carin Rollins Life Sciences – Drug Platform & Diagnostics – Cooperatively Binding Technology-Based Platform Lia Diagnostics, Bethany Edwards Life Sciences – Consumer Products & Diagnostics – Discreet Pregnancy Test MAG Optics, Geeta Singh Life Sciences – Medical Device – Optic Implants Naked Biome, Emma Taylor Life Sciences – Drug Platform – Microbiome Skin Therapy Onco Stem Dianostics, Dr.Manjiri Bakre Life Sciences – Diagnostics – Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment Ondine Biomedical, Carolyn Cross Life Sciences – Medical Device – Non-bacterial Anti-Infectives Pro-Arc Diagnostics, Dr.Kumail’s parents (played by Anupam Kher and Zenobia Shroff) may have strict rules they live by, but they clearly love their son – and his brother Naveed (Adeel Akhtar) has followed those rules more than Kumail wishes to, yet can be a bit more outwardly sympathetic to Kumail’s wish to find his own path.Vella Lovell meanwhile has a wonderful scene as one of the would-be brides Kumail’s mother has set him up with, while making sure these women aren’t treated as simply comic fodder, as she makes some excellent points about the situation Kumail has put her in.To describe what happens next would be, for some, going into spoilery territory I suppose, so here’s your pseudo-warning.

Except it’s not only revealed in the trailers for the film, its real life inspiration makes it crucial to the story.

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And his struggles to go down a different path from his family is easy to connect to, regardless of your background, for anyone who can empathize with not wanting to follow the exact set of rules given to them.

Nanjiani and Graves fully immerse you in the world you’ve created, and do a commendable job of making the supporting, and even peripheral, characters feel fully formed.

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