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Younger people dating older people

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Do you feel as if you get approached my much older men or women? As I got older this trend continued with the women I dated.

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I wouldn't throw it completely out of the equation based upon the maturity of the person either way, but it just seems reasonable to me. Would you date a person thats older or younger than you.I'm in my early 30's and i always been interested in younger females and just recently i met a woman in her 50's that Wants to be more than friends.I do not and would not feel comfortable dating them though. its ok as long as both people involved are adults.. My last three g/f's were at least 10 years older than I.What is a reasonable and comfortable age range for most people? thats really all that matters.if you don't want someone much older or much younger just be clear about it in your post.. Growing up I tended to hang around with the adults and those older than I because they were more accepting of me and my wheelchair.Would that person be comfortable dating me as an infant when they were 30? I don't want to sound like a prude because I feel everyone should seek what they are after but what age range do you find appropriate?

I think up to 1-7 years younger and 1-8 years older.

Or Charlie Chaplin, who married Oona O'Neill (Eugene O'Neill's daughter) when he was in his high 50s and she a teenager? I hate to hurt peoples feelings but no way am I going to date someone that old.

Wait till your 40 and have 70 and 80 year olds hitting on you ! Both of the women mentioned above must have been very extraordinary women to pull off those pairings, personally I have never met anyone like them. It seems that the majority of mails i get are from men 20 years older than me. I just don't know what I'd have in common with a 50 year old. Unfortunately many young women today were not raised right and so have no idea of their sexual duty towards older men.

I have been approached on several occasions by men that are way past my age range.

I have left my age range open on my profile because life circumstances, career choices and education, do allow some older men to fit what I am looking for.

I dont mind at all she's older than me but i would like to have kids.