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- all together its plot was much more creative and enjoyable. Especially Jo Hyun- Jae, Seo Hyun- Jin, Seo Woo, Lee Jae-Ryong. I just really wished that at the end, Su Baek Hyang would wear royal robes.

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possibly a Su Baek Hyang The Kings Daughter Part 2 I watched this drama to check out Jeon Tae Su because he is brother of Ha Ji Won. But the one who caught and held my attention is actor Jo Hyun Jae (Myung-Nong).And I loved not just the plot but actors / actresses, too. Empress ki is really really better than this Boring drama! But Ha Jiwon Won the Grand Prize at 2013 MBC Drama Awards, of course Empress Ki is better it is a long boring drama with a poor casts to my ' TOP Drama ' List ever!! After watching the first episode I thought to delete the drama but after finished the first 10 episodes I changed my mind and I did not regret that at all. The song is about a merchant wife praying her husband's safe return. I really recommend SBH, it doesn't waste your time. A season 2 filled with more intrigue maybe stories of their children.They were really good, did not find a boring character and felt so sorry for the "villains" / second couple. She goes up a rock and asks the moon to shine his way. I would really like the story to continue as I felt there were plots left open [email protected],i agree with Livia, King's Daughter is much more interesting compared to empress Ki,i enjoyed every episodes,out of 108 episodes none of them are boring,did you ever watch this drama before commenting ?? I hope to see more drama like this especially more of Jo hyunjae :) Until Solan discover her true identity, the story is great..I will give five stars for KDSBH and 4 stars for empress ki Can't agree anymore! I have watched empress ki many times, it is the best of best, all the people in Korea and Asia love this drama, it was the best drama of 2013-2014 but king daughter is toooo long, I just watched it ones, there were a lot of borring scenes for filling the episodes, actors obviously can't do their best, king daughter can't compare with empress ki. incestuous affair and finding ways to justify it, the character is as bad as her sis.A viewer would never become bored if other dramas of this genre added some light comedy as well.

Great writing was also very much present in King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang. It's quite obvious that kind-hearted Seol-Nan is the protagonist and her sister Seol-Hee is the evil foil.

While this one was far better, more 'colourful', even supporting actors had interesting and enjoyable characters, loved deaf-and-dumb guy so much! I cried so much for a lot of scenes, like when Jinmu found out King Muryong was his real father.

, second couple was even almost better than first couple, spy parts was very interesting and unique and so on... I can invest all my money to make different movies with same cast member and director writer. I cried the most when King Muryeong died, and my favorite scene was when he found out Solnan was actually the real Su Baekhyang.

As for the two princes who were switched, here is the other obvious literary foil.

The upright yet dashing Prince Myung Nong's foil is Prince Jin-Moo who is charming but devilish.

King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang is one of the most entertaining dramas I have seen in a long time.