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If you are in the market for a stabilizer, the Ronin 2 will be shipping this fall and is likely worth the wait. If you dont understand why, try holding 30 pounds in front of you :) Will be a pretty steep price. DJI just pulled a "Canon C300 esque" marketing mistake.

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While it didn't manufacture the first stabilizer to hit the streets, DJI has worked hard to make the Ronin the premiere stabilizer for a wide variety of users. yeah great, have fun buying a steadicam vest with a steadymate besides the Ronin.For example, lets say all I was looking for was a car to get around town in with some room in the trunk for my bags. Guess I'll be checking out Carolas." Moral of the story, I dont have any indie films on the schedule.Maybe I'm looking at getting a honda civic but I know a new model is coming out that is going to be way better. I just film car events with a GH4 for fun so the Ronin 2 just isnt a product for my demographic.Several notes to consider: * Movi Pro is about 1.6 kg lighter than the R2(Ronin2).Think of Red's price difference between Carbon and Magnesium bodies; you need to pay thousands of dollars for a few gram saving.Especially considering the options for rigging the unit to vehicles at speeds of up to 75 mph, the 30-lb payload will be very useful.

It's fair for DJI to pursue price parity with Mo Vi.

They will be devastated because you didn't buy something from them...

Kidding aside, it was very clear to me right when I first read about it, that the Ronin 2 will be much more expensive than any of the other models, even though I guessed it to 5K Euros. pay load, the size and it's dry weight alone of 6kg puts it into a category that limits it's user base to a much smaller fraction of those from the former ones.

A partir du 6 décembre 2012, la compagnie française opèrera un aller-retour direct entre l’aéroport de Marseille – Provence et Saint Denis, avec départ à 18h30 pour atterrir le lendemain à 8h10, le vol retour quittant La Réunion à 23h55 pour se poser le lendemain à 8h30 (durée de vol moyenne onze heure).

A compter du 10 décembre, XL Airways décollera tous les lundis de Marseille à 23h55 pour arriver à Dzaoudzi le lendemain à 11h10 (durée de vol 9h15).

DJI has done well as the cost-effective option for indies that is still capable of tremendous performance.