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Xbox 360 not updating properly

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fkolbe had a good question do i need all those files or just that one.

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Also, if you have any way to connect your Xbox 360 to the internet like normal, DO THAT. Now use your Zip file extractor to extract the contents of the Zip archive somewhere.I don't know if my Xbox 360 already supports backward compatibility (in the Xbox 360's case, the ability to play original Xbox games) for it, so I decided to update it.I don't have Xbox Live (which you would usually use), so I decided to update it by downloading the update from and putting it on a CD, and then putting that CD in my Xbox first wasnt sure if it was the right update, because none of my orig. the discs are all in perfect condition Do you have a hard drive for you 360? The update I link to is outdated, so you either got a different one or did something else games seemed to work, even though theyr on the compatible list. If you have a way to connect your Xbox to the internet, just update it that i am faceing a little problem i need to install game in my hard drive but there is not comming a any option like (install game to hard drive) there is comming just (install game) when i am install game in my xbox after that i want to play game without disk .,.,.,, and my xbox not able to play game without disk when i click on the game who i installed in my xbox there is comming some wrong like (insert disk in the tray).,.,.,.

the game is already installed in my xbox,.,."Install game" is the option you are looking for.


- - - - - I'm a huge Splinter Cell fan, so I want to buy or rent , which are the only good ones).

And you do indeed have to still have the disk in the Xbox when you want to play it, otherwise, you could just rent or borrow games, install them, and take the disk back and still be able to play them.

The install feature's purpose is to improve load times by putting the game's contents on the hard disk, which data can be loaded faster off of than the regular DVD.

I mod my xbox 360 the mod that lets me play in xboxlive . It shouldn't say "Play DVD." You're gonna have to get it repaired.