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A few months ago, on Valentine’s Day, I attended a Loveflutter event.

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I also remember her being rather socially awkward …Some guys were only going on the dates because they wanted to appear in the blog.Others were avid readers and knew lots about me before we even met.Blogs which often only last a few months, until their authors find someone, or get out of the funk that made them write the blog in the first place.I was also always happy to put my name to the blog, because all my friends knew about it from the start.The first wave of blog readers were my friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, all thanks to Facebook.

The thing about writing a blog, and attaching your face and name to it, is that it gives you a sanity check.

Because rather than write all the details of the dates, I’d write about what we did, and the lessons I learned.

Most of the lessons I learned were about myself and dating.

They knew I’d give them nicknames, and some were so happy to take part that they let me share their photos on the blog.

Yes, this certainly added an odd element to the dates.

In just over a month I’ll be celebrating 30 Dates’ 2 year anniversary.