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Especially through out Germany there were children has young as 2 year of age that were put on trial and convicted.

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Last, the idea that Jesus would castigate His followers for eating pork is more Muslim idiocy. Most authoritative primary and secondary sources discussing the Council of Nicea and other early councils discuss many other reasons for choosing certain texts over others. They wanted 4 Gospels, but the 4 chosen were by far the most used, authoritative (written by 1st person), and had the widest spread. No Islamic conquest in SE Asia or W Africa yet majority follow Islam. Sensing that there are young readers here who may not do independent research I can James, the brother of Jesus, soon became the leader of Judaic Christianity and presided over the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15). Peter actually makes an impassioned plea in support of the positions of Paul and Barnabas. Nasser, your comments reflect the gross ignorance and unsubtle spin-doctoring so typical of Muslim apologists. You need to learn some solid facts about Christianity and world history to avoid embarrassing yourself.

First, the most cursory glance reveals that Islam has caused far more suffering around the world - and continues to do so - than Christianity.

The sooner this religion is put to rest the better. Religion (whether it be Christian, Muslim or Judaism or any religion in this case) and Politics do not mix. It is difficult for a brief summary to do justice to such a complex matter as the growth of European Christianity.

Regarding Islams converting people through conquest, I would point out Spain, SE Europe, most of Russia and Indian Suncontinent where the majority population remained followers of faith other than Islam even after hundreds of years rule by muslims. It just gives people an idea to do whatever they want. However, this article has some pretty glaring weaknesses.

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It was never intended to be a religion separate from Judaism and even Jesus didn't want it taught to gentiles. It states in the Bible to love all and pray for the sinners. Jesus Died for all of us not just a few, and it was all of us that put him on that cross, because he took all of our sins past present and future. Sau do ban can loai bo phan la, re hong, roi dem rua sach dat, cat, de rao nuoc.