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Boulder’s Beach at Table Top Mountain National State Park. An elephant never forgets all the fun you had on the South African Safari! Swim and frolick in the cove with African Penguins. Some very lazy cheetas enjoying a nice bask in the sun!

” No one expected that from a man who did nothing but promote violence, joining the gang at 13-years-old, right after my mother died and banging for 20 years.For almost 30 years, Ronnie has written all his own radio advertising and loves nothing more than telling our family’s story.It’s a family history rooted in the diamond mines, as Ronnie tells in his ads with sounds of dynamite blasting in the background.Visitors have wined an dined with locals at some of Cape Towns best vineyards and restaurants to rustic home cooked meals in local villages. Another few days are spent in the wild South African bush trailing, lions, giraffes, elephants and more. Boulder’s Beach, located within Table Top Mountain National Park , You will find yourself sharing the waves and maybe even your beach towel with adorable African penguins.

Participants of this trip have enjoyed and made memories with the Mervis family for many years and we look forward to making more memories with you!

Getting up close and personal with some of the worlds most beautiful and dangerous creatures.

Spend a day lounging and soaking up rays on one of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches.

I was rushed to an outside hospital where the doctors had to perform surgery.

As I lay there on that operating table, I wasn’t thinking about the pain.

I was tired, and people would just have to respect my decision because the rearview mirror was gone and I wasn’t looking back.