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Try not to be overly jealous of their new friends or new experiences, unless you think your relationship might be in jeopardy. Instead, express interest in their new lifestyle and share your own updates with them as well.

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Chances are you'll both be staying with family and you'll have to abide by their house rules.Basically, you're Dean in this situation and it'd be really nice if your Rory didn't run off with a Logan — make sense?At home: Because you haven't moved away, your life probably hasn't changed as much as your partner's whose gone off to college.Luckily, we've come a long way since Rory's and Dean's 2004 game of telephone tag when they spent weeks communicating via voicemail because of their busy schedules.Think of the wonders i Message, Face Time, or Snapchat could have done for Stars Hollow's best-looking couple.At home: Things between you and your partner might feel drastically different at first when you go home.

Suddenly, they're no longer a few doors down the hall and you can't grab a spontaneous coffee together in between classes.

Stars Hollow ice cream queen Rory Gilmore taught me a lot about punk rock, classic literature, and high school bullies.

She and Lorelai also taught me that Pop-Tarts are, in fact, one of the main food groups and that wallowing for exactly one weekend after a breakup is actually really helpful.

I followed Rory from prep school to the Ivy League, where she taught me the most valuable lesson of all time — dating at home and in college are two very different endeavors.

It was tough to be #Team Dean when he and Rory reunited while she was in college because they didn't exactly have much time to spend together.

Be open about your concerns with your partner and know that the situation is just as difficult for them as it is for you.