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Women who like dating crossdressers

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We are equally thrilled about our vision of the future.

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Today, we're passionate about our role in helping subs and doms connect.just go to the show all forums page and put your keyword in the search box (I find I sometimes have to request it twice to get the search function to work properly for some reason). I wont even mention some of the things some women have tried to talk me into.Personally, I have never had the opportunity, but I like a little kink......of luck, have fun fishing. They dont care if they have to crush some noses to do it, either!So you're a young male cross-dresser, and you find you'd like a girl who not only accepts your cross-dressing, but gets pleasure out of it, too? Rubber Domina humilates submissive latex and fetishslaves in her well equipped SMchamber!

Exclusive Memberarea, movies and fotosets from her private fetish-sessions!

I am just wondering if any girls out there would be willing to date a crossdresser? Some guys bring their wives. sure you know a lot of Dommes will help you dress up, but it's gonna cost $$$P. There are women out there for just about any speciality you can name. But what I don't get is why is it okay for a girl to wear guys clothes and its okay but if a guy wears a dress he is insulted.....

Now I am just asking because at times I enjoy to fully dress up as a woman and just wondering if any girls are interested in that. I am basically wondering if there is any women out there that could be okay with a guy wearing a dress at times....

I think it's going to cut your dating pool down to something about the size of a puddle...

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I am guy who doesn't do it 24/7 but just seeing if any one is into helping a guy explore is feminine side! I mean come its clothes...a thread search on crossdresser will probably be helpful here, I did one and there are several threads that are several pages long.