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in his travels, he once again finds himself matching wits with the infamous Long John Silver.Return to Treasure Island stars Stig Eldred, Dean O'Gorman, and Simone Kessell.

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At least Return to Treasure Island wasn't intended to be taken seriously.When his ship is attacked by Spaniards, Tressilien is put to work as a galley slave.Escaping, he becomes the leader of a gang of Moorish pirates.The Sea Hawk may well be the best film ever made by the popular Milton Sills.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide Released: 1940Made in: USALength: 127 Minutes Rated: NRFormat: B&WLanguage: English Genre: Adventure, Romantic PK's Rating: Synopsis: In the 1580s, the Sea Hawks -- the name given to the bold privateers who prowl the oceans taking ships and treasure on behalf the British crown -- are the most dedicated defenders of British interests in the face of the expanding power of Philip of Spain.Despite his now-fearsome reputation, Tressilien is able to win back the love of his fiance, Lady Rosamund Godolphin (Enid Bennett), who has been compelled to marry his half brother.

A thrilling climactic duel to the death brings this sure-fire audience pleaser to a rousing conclusion.

Milton Sills stars as Sir Oliver Tressilien, a wealthy English baronet who is framed for the murder of his fiance's brother.

The instigator of this outrage is Sir Tressilien's covetous half brother, who also arranges for Tressilien to be shanghaied and carried off to sea.

Thorpe's boldness leads him to a daring raid on a treasure caravan in Panama which, thanks to treachery within Elizabeth's court, gets him captured and, with his crew, sentenced to the life of a slave aboard a Spanish ship.

Meanwhile, Philip of Spain decides to wipe the threat posed by Elizabeth's independence from the sea by conquering the island nation with his armada.

The supporting cast of Raiders of the Seven Seas is populated with such familiar faces as Lon Chaney Jr., Henry Brandon, and Frank De Kova.