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Woman dating man pakistan

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Cancer woman will always feel neglected with a Libra man! Cancer and Libra shouldn't be together, see that Libra wants a mentally connection and that Cancer wants a more emotionally connection.Libra men are not selfish trust me im a Sagittarius who's dated enough Libras to kno)I've also had a Cancer friend who's dated a Libra for a year and a have and they were having problems.

He is so charming attractive and very skilled in bed. I'm always there to help and to make her happy so she doesn't feel insecure. And when I crawled into my shell to recover he would get upset and blame me for having mood swings. There is no security in this relationship with Libra men. Me as a Cancer needs a man to love me and make me feel wanted.I had to tell you he is the nicest person I ever meet and are hitting on a guy that you liked. checked out his astrology and don't take him rite away! I tried to allay her frustration and asked her to try and relax. But I also take in consideration He is very professional and very busy and He does make this clear to me and keeps me at always act kind in earlier relationships and I don't want you to be upset at the my advice! The natural underlying unexpressed sexuality combined with the mood. So when I want to communicate and He is to occupied I just communicate with others but I keep my intimate communications exclusive only for him.hi im a Cancer woman who has been on and off again w my Libra man for 3 years we are currently living together and although I am completely financially taken care of I'm dying to leave.He's not a bad person but a lot the things he does effects me badly.Most of us have always wanted to have a few extra-marital affairs every now and then.

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I am also turned off by him always sugar coating everything and trying to keep the peace. im a Cancer teenage girl here and my boyfriend is Libra guy... Its a lot of sexual aggression there on both our parts.

I know him through internet and we started to dated after we meet twice...everything's runs smoothly at the beginning and things started to changed. I am a very sociable Cancer Woman, He is a very sociable Libra Man.

I do get a bit put off by his flirtatious ways but he recognizes that and tries to control it out of respect for me. When she is upset I make love to her to make it all better. im a Cancer women and been with a Libra man for 4 years. we could talk about anything and everything but money was always a issue and intimacy. He would then feel neglected because I was not there to be his cheerleader 24/7. If I have insecurities, it is because of the way he is.