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Her professional interests include dentistry, soft tissue surgery and emergency medicine. Guenther has a Cattle Dog mix named Sayuri, a dachshund mix named Buddy, and two cats named Stubbie and Mac.During her free time, she enjoys reading, yoga, hiking with her dog, and spending time with her family, which includes her husband Adam and son Kai. Kristin Mahoney is a 2000 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

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This mailing list was created in response to JMS (Babylon 5 Creator/Executive Producer) request to not post original fiction in the Babylon 5 Universe on the newsgroups on Internet.He was so small and sickly and nothing was going to stop me from giving him all of the love and help that I could. He has had 2 knee surgeries and has mild hip dysplasia but he is the greatest dog I could have asked for. Kendra Sinclair is a 2009 University of Guelph graduate. Joseph Savarese has been practicing in the WNY area for over 30 years. Savarese is also the Chair of the Veterinary Technology Program at Medaille College as well, where he has been a professor with Medaille since 1986.I love being able to help pets and their parents like the veterinarians in Murray’s life helped us. She is no stranger to Brighton-Eggert, as she worked throughout veterinary school here during the summers. Sinclair so much, we knew we had to have her once she graduated! He earned his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Parma, Italy, and had previous experience as a secondary school Spanish teacher, school administrator and in adult education. Savarese is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in New York and Florida, and is an active member of several local, state and national veterinary organizations. Savarese performs surgery and consults for the SPCA of Erie County, servers as an advisor to a Boy Scout Explorer Post in veterinary medicine, and is on the scientific staff of the Erie County Sheriff's Office.She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the university of Florida in 1996 and decided to move back north after graduation. She shares her home in Kenmore with her husband and two sons, along with two cats and two frisky terriers. Jennifer Lo Vullo is a 2012 graduate from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.She joined our staff in 1998 after practicing in Depew. She is a Western NY native that is very excited to be returning home after 13 years spent in Florida, Louisiana, and, most recently, Virginia, where she practiced emergency dog, cat, and exotic medicine in a 24-hour care facility. Lo Vullo enjoys yoga, camping, hiking, traveling, and painting.An archive of most of JMS' Usenet articles from both of the above groups is available. You can post to the group, if you don't have access, by emailing to [email protected]

A mailing list exists for people who're only interested in reading JMS's messages to the group. JMS doesn't read this group, but some other B5 staff members do, so please do not post story ideas. babylon5is a moderated newsgroup for informational messages about Babylon 5, including compilations of JMS messages from other online services, notes about schedule changes at local stations, and so on. uk.sf.babylon5 is for discussions about the UK broadcast of Babylon 5.

It also gets compilations of his messages from Compu Serve and other services. An archive of messages from the group is available. Avoid posting any spoilers about episodes that have aired in the US but not the UK. is a meeting place for arranging social events of interest to B5 fans.

babylon5 is for discussions about the Australian broadcast of Babylon 5. Warner Bros.' Official B5 Web Site has information about the show and cast, pictures, multimedia clips, and more.

Her professional interests include surgery and orthopedic work.

babylon5.moderated is a moderated newsgroup for general B5 discussion. Any show-related topic is allowed, and criticism is accepted as readily as praise, but flames, story ideas, commercial postings, and off-topic messages will be blocked.

Prior to attending Veterinary school, she worked at Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic as an assistant for over a year. Schaefer has a special interest in small animal internal medicine, dermatology and surgery. She attended Hutch Tech high school and then went on to receive two Bachelor’s degrees from SUNY Buffalo.