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Twenty-three volumes and counting, the series has had a somewhat rocky publication history.After publishing twelve volumes with Matryoshka — Unfortunately, duplicating his body does not generate him additional mass, and his intelligence divides amongst the duplicates.

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You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?But because the series is in part an Homage to superhero genre, there are some tropes involved that one does not normally find co-existing in the same story.There aren't many masked vigilantes, as they eventually end up revealing their secret identities or have them discovered.Many of the models have sexy tech gadgets in their toy boxes which let you do more than just watch.Models that hook up their tech-enhanced toys, like special vibrators, can be aroused when you send them tips.Sex is always better when you do it with a few friends.

Group sex is an absolute orgy of pleasure with three or four cocks for every girl and six or seven holes for every guy.

That year, the ruling elite of a world of aliens physically quite similar to humans decides to use Earth as the testing ground for a bioweapon in the form of a virus, later called Xenovirus Takis-A, or the "Wild Card" virus.

The test sample is stolen by a pulp-style Nazi-sympathizer villain calling himself "Dr. Ninety percent of those infected with the virus die horribly as their own DNA turns against them.

Nine percent are mutated, gaining extra eyes, pincers for hands, or skin that bruises at the slightest touch.

The lucky one percent not only remain physically unchanged, but they gain superpowers.

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