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Wiikey 1 9s updating

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before installing, as it requires more steps than a regular Wiikey Fusion update.

Some websites continue to sell a 3rd party clone of the Wiikey Fusion which has been tested and confirmed fully compatible as a drive replacement device for use with the Gamecube.It allows the size of the games on the disk to be reduced by stripping out redundant data.How well a game will compress varies from game to game.The detection is done in such a way that it is no longer possible to achieve region override.This applies to both original discs and backups, regardless of media.Note that installing updates can sometimes have undesirable results, such as the removal of region free capabilities with System Menu 4.2 or higher.

Applies to: Wiikey Fusion WBFS, or Wii Backup File System, is a file system specifically designed for storing Wii backups.

If the Wii needs updating, the update must be installed before the game can be started.

However, if the Wii cannot see the update partition because the brickblocker feature is set to block all updates, or if a 'scrubbed' game image where the update partition has been removed is used, the Wii will allow the game to start, resulting in Error 002.

Applies to: Wiikey Fusion Check your system Menu version.

Starting from System Menu 4.2 and onwards a new method of detecting region is used, which cannot be bypassed by Wiikey.

Partially fixes an issue that causes the Mii/Photo channel to crash on some Wiis when no SD card is present.