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Wigflip online dating

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Hello members, I'm expecting to get a very straightforward review of my profile, because I've been here for a few days and I'm getting rejected like no other. A quarter of them haven't logged on to read my message yet, but the majority of the ones who did have either read and deleted my message or read and simply didn't respond.There were a few gals who wrote back but I think they were playing around and not interested, because they stopped writing.

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Some software does not utilize the orientation tag written by the camera.If you suspect this is the case, you can use a program to view the EXIF data of the photos before doing any editing in another program.You want to be sure that the program you use is showing ALL the EXIF information and not just the fields it thinks are important.Here are some of my findings on some popular programs, and how they handle rotation issues.If your camera is older, it might not have an orientation sensor.If these programs display the photo at the proper orientation, then your original software is at fault and you should consider updating or replacing it.

Ideally, you want a program that will utilize the orientation tag for display only, and not alter the actual data of the file.

In those cases where it does not, you can usually find a rotation button or icon to turn the photo to the proper orientation without having to correct the rotation locally and upload the photo again.

Look for a pair of arrows or a page icon with an arrow over it.

If you suspect this is the case, don't rotate the photos, but try viewing them straight out of the camera with an up-to-date free program such as Picasa, Xn View, or Fast Stone Image Viewer.

I have personally verified that these programs display photos according to the embedded orientation flag.

When you find the one causing the problem, check for an update, eliminate it from your workflow, or be careful to use it only after properly setting the orientation in another program.