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Who mary lambert dating

After the jump, five things you should know about the vocal powerhouse that is Mary Lambert. After falling out with her Pentecostal faith, Lambert joined an evangelical church.“They were on fire for God, and I wanted so badly to be that way, too,” she said.

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Lambert borrowed from a famous quote to give advice to those who may be dealing with their own traumas.'It all works out in the end,' she said.I think being vulnerable is the key to human connection. I think that navigation of vulnerability to reach self-love and love for each other is universal. This book is a collection of poetry exploring that.” You can buy it here. She recently expanded the hook of “Same Love” into a full-length song called “She Keeps Me Warm.” Of the song, she’s said, “It’s a song/poem that I wish I would’ve heard when I was 18, hated my body and needed everyone to be in love with me in order to feel whole.” She wrote “Girls” when she was just 20. “It was in a time in my life when I was really reckless and destructive — all those things were what I was thinking.” 5. “The collection spans a variety of my experiences: being bipolar, heartbreak, rape, incest and falling in love with women,” she said. Being vulnerable is kind of a huge part of what I do.

We can’t have a real connection with each other if we’re constantly being guarded. I love fancy cocktails, and infusing spirits, and egg whites in my whiskey sours.

“I came out when I was 17, I was in the church, I was crying every Sunday for about a year.

I came to terms with the fact with this is who I was, I wasn’t going to be able to be a different person. When you’re 17 you feel like a freak already, and so to have that fire and brimstone against your attraction is just screwed up!

Singers Mary Lambert and Michelle Chamuel are in a relationship.

Lambert discussed her new romance with Access Hollywood. very loving and expressive, and extremely similar to me in a lot of ways,” Lambert said. Her presence is beautiful.” Chamuel, 28, was the runner-up on the fourth season of NBC's reality show The Voice and the former lead singer of the band Ella Riot.

The 24-year-old Lambert, the featured vocalist on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' gay marriage anthem , was joined by Madonna at Sunday's Grammys performance of the hit song.