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Who is scarlett johansson dating august 2016

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In the same 2005, another box-successful picture with Johansson starring was released.

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The daughter of a famous Francis Coppola said that she had chosen Johansson due to her calm, wise look of a 30-year-old woman, which is irregular for other young actresses.We talk about the anti-fantastic action of Michael Bay «The Island», where the girl played in duet with Ewan Mc Gregor for the first time. The film producers put the blame on Scarlett for this failure.They stated that she «could play in more sexual manner».The girl was lucky to be accepted into a group for the talented children.However, she managed to reach her potential brilliantly in the first half a year. As a result, she was transferred to a group for adults.The role of the girl, who lost her leg due to the accident, was performed in such a sincere manner that Redford confessed that the little girl acted herself as an adult actress.

Time passed, and the roles of Scarlett Johansson became deeper.

Thanks to the «Girl with a Pearl Earring» the actress won the Golden Globe Award in 2004.

A year after Woody Allen presented to the society a new picture – a drama «Match Point», narrating about the personal tragedy of the former tennis legend Chris Wilton.

Linz, who replaced Macaulay Culkin; «My Brother the Pig», where Scarlett played a lead role shared with Eva Mendes, and a number of other similar projects.

The touching picture «The Horse Whisperer» with Robert Redford had ended the «childish» period in Scarlett Johansson’s career.

However, the commercial’s director liked their eldest son Adrian only.