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Who is john hensley dating

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Also, I don’t see any reason I won’t be able to get out of the house this weekend.Of course I should be able to put beer, liquor and toilet paper in the same cart, but we’re not here to discuss Pennsylvania’s archaic laws.

He married the former Carol Shepp in 1965; he adopted two children from her previous marriage and they had another child together.As a naval aviator, Mc Cain flew attack aircraft from carriers.During the Vietnam War, he narrowly escaped death in the 1967 Forrestal fire.I don’t know why people feel that those three are the most important staples of survival.I also don’t know why any time they predict a few inches of snow, people act like they will be stuck inside until April.The Top 10 Reasons to attend the Jagoff Jamboree at the Foundry: 10. It is the day before Pennsylvania’s claim to fame: Groundhog Day—isn’t that some kind of something? There will be music there—and not shared from my Sony walkman that plays without headphones 6.

There is parking close to the Foundry—but try not to double park. It’s after dinner so you can enjoy family time and then come out 5. Sip on a jagoff cocktail, but no belching, burping, even hiccupping!

Upon his return, Mc Cain studied at the National War College, commanded a large training squadron in Florida, and was appointed the Navy liaison to the U. who in 1942 commanded all land-based air operations in support of the Guadalcanal Campaign, and who ultimately in 1944–1945 aggressively led the Fast Carrier Task Force in the Pacific Ocean theater of World War II.

His operations off the Philippines and Okinawa, and air strikes against Formosa and the Japanese home islands, caused tremendous destruction of Japanese naval and air forces in the closing period of the war.

You don’t do that and you don’t tell me the weather is going to suck with a big smile on your face. KDKA, WTAE, WPXI, the next time bad weather is approaching, I can tell people about it in the right way. Now Ya is celebrating its latest milestone, episode 100 of the Ya Jagoff Podcast!

Instead of grinning and acting happy as I show the storm tracker, it would be more like… This esteemed honor requires both a Pittsburgh party and a top 10 reasons why you should attend and not be a jagoff attendee!

The celebration will be at the Foundry on the North Shore on Thursday, February 1 with doors opening at p.m. Celebrate 100 episodes with fun guests, games, food, cocktails, audience interaction and a comedic roast of yours truly thanks to Day Bracey, Matt Light, Gab Bonesso, Ray Zawodni, Aaron Kleiber, John’s son Collin Chamberlin and Ya Jagoff team member John Knight.