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Who is gillian anderson dating

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Ironically, they suddenly had a change of heart and participated in some PDA on stage in front of dozens of fans and cameras – just in time to promote the reboot of their wildly popular science fiction series X-Files, which they began filming.FOX announced in an official press release that the show will premiere on January 24 2016.

In addition to claims from their unnamed source, the website argues that Anderson's hesitation to discuss her personal life with I ask if she has a partner at the moment. We meet in an ultra-hip glass and chrome North London eaterie where she has a favourite table.The moment she enters the building I can detect an invisible forcefield of self-containment around her. ” She giggles and shushes me, then picks up the teapot and cups (it’s wine o’clock but she’s not a drinker) and matter-of-factly whisks us off to a more discreet corner banquette. “I am very interested to see his – range.” The imperceptible pause is too perfect an opportunity to ignore.The crowd went wild when David’s co-star and rumored girlfriend Gillian Anderson joined him on stage.After singing Neil Young’s hit song “Helpless” together, David kissed Gillian Anderson on the lips before she left the stage – sending X-File fans into a frenzy on the Internet.David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have gone to ridiculously careful lengths over the years to hide their relationship, even after David and his longtime wife Tea Leoni divorced in 2014.

Despite multiple rumors and supposed sightings of the couple together – David and Gillian have managed to ensure there was never any solid evidence or proof of their relationship.

She took what at the time I considered to be the high road. That 60 grand would have had a greater positive effect on her life than a negative effect on mine. Taking a moment to process this, it appears Gillian’s ex granted her wishes to keep their relationship a secret, even when she was offered a large amount of money to be linked with a superstar.

She must really have cared for Gillian, or just been a stand-up person.

Gillian Anderson doesn’t appreciate the pieces being penned about her sexuality so she took to her own blog to clear some things up.

She started out by discussing her choice to “come out” about her relationship with a woman earlier in her life.

I’m happy that Gillian felt like she could finally be open about her relationship with a woman, and that she can get across, as she writes, “that a seemingly straight-laced almost middle aged woman with three children can be open and shame-free about her life and love experiences and it’s okay.” But she’s also regretting that she did so, perhaps because she doesn’t like that she can’t own it; she can’t prevent herself from being described with our language and labels and our attempts to find ourselves in her, or her in part of ourselves.