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Who is dating hugh grant

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Probably true, except the part of the marriage being a sham.

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I suppose some fundies would call it a "mockery" of marriage, but it's essentially what Michelle Bachmann and Gay Gayersen Bachmann do, except they're obnoxious, and fundies seem to think it's great when they do it.She's also very down to earth and even declined the offer of a villa during the filming of Mad Max in Namibia last year.She hates sport, smokes and swears like a trooper and drives too fast. Tom Hardy is a nut who hides in his trailer, refuses to work when he's meant to and generally behaved so badly during the filming of Mad Max that Charlize Theron had a blazing on-set row with him, calling him a wanker.Adam Sandler demanded that the pool at his Johannesburg hotel be completely refurbished as it was one degree too cold (he tests the temp himself and only swims in water that is 28 degrees).His request was finally fulfilled at the cost of a small fortune, as he wouldn't have commenced filming (rom-com with Drew Barrymore) otherwise." Not exactly trying to imply they're "just friends" now, is she?

r38, most religious conservatives endorse gay Christian men marrying women, as long as they are faithful and monogamous with their wife. I think it's about time for his beard to give an interview talking about their "hot" sex life and how he's turned on when she's wearing short skirts and stockings/garters a la Katie Holmes.

But then again he seems like pretty nice guy and outing him against his will doesn't seem right.

And yes I know it'd be awesome if everyone could be openly gay but that's just not reality yet.

Dennis Quaid is such a drugged up alcy that he has a personal assisant - a wall of muscle called Bubba - whose only job it is to hide the drugs and alcohol at night and get him to set in the morning."There, that's all I have from her for now.

FWIW, I was recently out with straight male friends of mine and revealed Jackman as gay and they weren't shocked and don't care. I really think Hollywood needs to stop it's closeting bullshit, there's absolutely no need for it. Everyone already thinks he's a big ol' queen anyway.

Not to derail the thread's main theme, but here is her earlier post:"Meg Ryan looks like a bag lady in real life.