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Who is baby bash dating

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Later after discovering his mother had been murdered by Catherine, he joined Mary on her journey back to Scotland.

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As the King's illegitimate and favorite son, Bash was allowed to do more than his half-brother Francis could, because there was no fear of him dying since he would never be King.While Bash was continually looking for Delphine to break the bond between them, Francis once again fell ill and the prophecy came back into play.Delphine was eventually found and she resurrected Francis.After the finding out of Pascal's death from Kenna and once the Plague was finally over, Bash saw the ghost of a young girl he met earlier and she warned him that the Reckoning would begin.During his duties as King's Deputy, his marriage to Kenna began to fall apart and he later met Delphine, a seer who had saved his life after he was stabbed.In addition to having access to his yacht and private plane, we understand the music mogul is taking care of the astronomical legal fees Pilar has racked up in her divorce battle with Deion, as paying for Pilar's staff.

According to the source, Pilar and Bryan have known each other for years, but have only been seeing each other for almost a year.

After Mary left him, he was exiled from court and set to leave for Spain.

Instead, remained behind to investigate the Darkness.

Bash was later bound to Delphine and began to feel whatever pain she felt.

She eventually escaped after nearly being burned to death for being accused of killing people within the French Court.

Later, he was forced to wed Kenna by Henry's orders.