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He loved us, but he never showed it.” “He never put his arms around us and said, ‘Son, I love you.’ My father never said, ‘I love you,’ ever, to any of us.I never got that from him.” “My son knows that I love him.

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While all the brothers made references to Joseph’s temper and the beatings they would receive at his hand, Jackie as the oldest boy, saw and felt more than any of the others. “I mean, if you knew you had a beating the next morning, you couldn’t sleep at night. I remember we studied the time tables on Saturdays and we’d be shaking.Through it all we always had Mother’s love as a constant, and so many people don’t even have that .But it is important to remember that with an unstable foundation, you can’t find your own true you.Katherine Jackson and La Toya visited and compared shopping tips; Michael preferred that his father, also in town, stay away.”That’s a touchy situation,” said Latoya from her suite at the Akasaka Prince Hotel. Each day after school the guys rehearsed rigorously, first under Mother’s direction, then, after dinner, with Joseph.They would come to me, one by one, and share something they had hidden from the scriptwriter. After watching some dailies, Tito came up with me an uncharacteristic steely look in his eyes. It was quite a paradox to watch Katherine deny in the press that Joseph had ever struck their children, then read transcripts of interviews with Joyce in which Katherine had spoken of such incidents. She said one time Joseph had come after her, intent on hitting her. I don’t know how much he spoke about his father in public but one of the famous things that he said publicly was that once his father walked into the room, he felt like throwing up ’cause he was so afraid of him. I would see my friends interact with their dad and I would say to myself, “That’s what I want to do. I want to be able to call him, ‘Dad’.” MEREDITH VIEIRA: You called him Joseph, right? There was one time, however, when my father hit me. It’s important for you to know that my father loves all of his children and that his way of communicating his love was a result of his upbringing. In between our laughter, we’d sometimes hear the crunching sound of tires rolling up the gravel driveway.

She said she picked up a glass ashtray and threw it directly at her husband. “Joseph took one look at the blood and from that point on, he never ever messed with me,” Katherine said. But Michael has a tortured, he’s had a tortured relationship with his father. I mean, this has come out, as you know, in interviews and things like that. JANET JACKSON: Yeah, he said, “That my name to you. I can’t remember what rule I had disobeyed, but I had just stepped out of the bathtub when he struck me with his belt. It’s interesting that I don’t recall the lesson my father was trying to teach, only the violence he used to make his point. I tell this story not to judge him, but to be open and to break the cycle. Many nights my siblings and I would put on our pajamas and go to Mother’s room. It was Joseph in his car, headlights turned off, windows rolled down, trying to sneak up on us to hear what we were talking about. We’d scatter like roaches, off to our rooms, ducking down low so not to be visible through the windows. I know that my kind of story is not uncommon, and I know many have endured far worse.

When I think about it, it brings tears to my eyes all the time ’cause my father just couldn’t say it.

I know that he really wanted to, but he could never say those words, ‘I love you, son.’” Jackie, the athletic talent of the family, became emotional when watching scenes in which he was depicted playing baseball with his school team.

With the memory of that interview and others in my mind, I watched as Joseph would repeatedly look the press straight in the eye and swear: “We never beat La Toya or any of the other kids.” He’d then retreat behind the gates of his home and watch all his children walk the opposite way. He used to tell me and when I used to go on the road he always said, “Don’t bring Joseph.” I’d say, “Why? JANET JACKSON: My father and I, we’ve gone through our moments, we’ve had a different kind of relationship… MEREDITH VIEIRA: — of your dad and there was a time when you were, I guess, in the bath and he struck you with a belt when you came out? And I can’t even remember what I did, but I remember it happening. But we were, we were afraid of my father, growing up. I was the last of nine children, and I believe that by the time I was born my parents had grown tired of disciplining.

Each of the brothers had his or her own story of life with Joseph – some sad, some angry. Joseph used to whip me with an ironing cord and then pour salt into the wounds.” Tito seemed to have neither tears nor forgiveness, just memories that didn’t go away. ” and he said, “I literally…” SB: I could turn this off if you want me to. My father was never there the way I really wanted a father to be… JANET JACKSON: That was the only time my father ever whupped me. It was always difficult talking to my father, who made us call him Joseph, not Dad. They were more lenient with me and Randy, the next to youngest, than with our older siblings.

Certain body parts outgrew others, and now Michael was the object of merciless ribbing, especially from his father.