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What is miscalculation of pregnancy dating

From knowing what foods and medicines to avoid, to skipping happy hour after work, to learning all about baby’s development — it can all be pretty overwhelming.

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Ectopic pregnancies are life-threatening to the mother if not treated immediately.If you are bleeding or have a history of miscarriage, your doctor may recheck your h CG levels often.However, some bleeding during the first trimester is common, and you shouldn’t assume the worst based on h CG levels alone.First off, it’s important to understand how pregnancy tests work and what they measure.When you take a pregnancy test, either by blood or urine, it either measures how much h CG is present or whether h CG is present at all.h CG helps with the secretion of progesterone during the first trimester, which strengthens the uterus with a lining of blood vessels and capillaries able to support a fetus.h CG levels typically double every 48 to 72 hours, reaching their peak within the first 8-11 weeks of pregnancy and declining after.

See also: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Chance of Getting Pregnant Depending on what type of pregnancy test you take, it’ll have a different name.

When you become pregnant, the world throws a lot at you.

Not only do you need to start thinking about the life growing inside of you and what it means for the future of your family, but you need to start taking action on a few things.

While h CG levels can be an indicator of a healthy pregnancy, low levels do not necessarily indicate an unhealthy pregnancy, and should be rechecked every 48-72 hours.

An ultrasound is going to be your best test for determining the development of baby after 5-6 weeks gestation.

False positives are pretty rare, so elevated h CG levels are a good bet for pregnancy, with some exception.