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Website to find registered sex offenders in your neighborhood

Are there problems with sex crimes in parks by registered offenders? But laws are passed around the country to exclude offenders.

Another lawyer here in Miami recently wrote an interesting article for the Huffington Post about this important issue, titled Should Cruise Ships Allow Sexual Offenders to Sail?Keep in mind that most of the sexual assaults of passengers are committed by crew members. So perhaps Carnival and Royal Caribbean, at least, are doing the right thing in performing background checks of passengers, but that does not guarantee that your kids are safe at sea. The majority of recent sexual assaults (particularly of children) have been committed either by passengers who were not previously identified as a sexual offender, or by pedophile crew members (such as a room attendant or waiter), from countries without databases, who groomed the child during the cruise and usually committed the assault near the end of the cruise. Please leave a comment below : A reader on our Facebook page commented that Carnival is already partnering with INTERPOL for enhanced security screening using INTERPOL'S I-Checkit global security system . Our daughter is now a "tween" and we never have let her explore the ship on her own, she is accompanied everywhere, if she wants to go to the kids pool then a parent always goes with her. The registry was passed ex-post facto under the theory that the registry was "information only" and was public record regardless and therefore the unlimited dissemination of the information could be used to let people know who was in the neighborhood and to keep an eye on them. The registry is actually used to systematically isolate a person socially from every aspect of the community.She is never allowed to stay in the room by herself, nor would want to. My neighbor is a registered sex offender and frankly, I'd trust her with my children over strangers. One joined my church and most people didn't have a problem with him. Not based upon a danger, but a PRESUMED DANGER simply because of a listing on a registry. There are no limits to the legislature's ability to name whomever they want to the list.The bottom line is that there is no law to my knowledge prohibiting sexual offenders from cruising.Even if there were such a law, our federal government does a poor job vetting passenger manifests and probably would not find out until after the cruise ship leaves port. countires without sexual offender databases cannot be screened). I wonder why on Earth Disney isn't on the list of cruise ship companies that ban registered sex offenders - you would think they would be first on that list!The man was convicted, served jail time and when released from jail he attempted to molest other children. His name was flagged by a sweep of the manifest of passengers by Homeland Security officials who determined that the passenger was wanted for sexual assault in addition to assault with a weapon and forcible confinement. Regretfully, our federal government routinely looks at the ship passenger list only after the bad guys have already boarded the cruise ship. Customs and Border Protection arrested five passengers on outstanding warrants only after the returned to port in Galveston several years ago.

If you take a cruise, you may be cruising with at least one felon aboard. Cruise lines should do everything possible to keep pedophiles, sexual predators and sexual offenders off of cruise ships.

Its up to the cruise lines to screen their passengers and most cruise lines don't. and Australia have sexual offender databases, and very few countries have any online databases permitting any cruise line or hiring agents from knowing whether job applicants from the countries where crew members are hired (India, Indonesia, and the Caribbean islands) have been arrested or convicted of sexual or violent crimes. Don't forget that most sexual offenses historically have not been committed by people listed on the sexual offender websites. Photo credit: Top - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Bottom - U. Apart from our first cruise (Disney) all the rest of our cruises have been on Royal Caribbean and I'm glad to know that they are on that list.

It seems like only Carnival and Royal Caribbean do. I have handled over 100 cases and not a single one was committed by a known sexual predator, to my knowledge. That being said, good warning at the end to not let your guard down because of it.

The article points out, believe it or not, that there is a travel-related resource which caters to registered sexual offenders called Resources for RSO Travels, which published a blog post Can Registered Sex Offenders Go on a Cruise?

The article answers its own question, writing "the answer is YES! here are the two cruise lines that are notoriously known for denying registered sex offenders: Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

Over the years, I have received many questions from people wanting to go on a cruise asking whether registered sexual offenders are allowed to cruise. They claim that a "friend" is thinking of going on a cruise.