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If a non-participating provider was recommended to you, also called an “out-of-plan provider,” you should feel free to ask that therapist and your insurance company about the level of coverage.

Certain types of credit cannot be transferred to ASU, including credit awarded by postsecondary institutions for life experience, workshops, and seminars.With both you are able to search by insurance company and other important criteria.Therapists who are not on the panel of your insurance company may still be able to submit information for reimbursement by your insurance company.Be honest with the provider about what you can afford.Low cost providers can also be helpful to consider. These are individual/group practices that offer low cost or sliding scale services ($5-20).

There isn’t an "expiration date" for transfer credits that meet the eligibility requirements, although some courses (eg.

Counseling groups are particularly helpful for many concerns and goals, giving members an opportunity to share experiences, solve problems and practice new skills.

You might be ready to join one of our counseling groups right away as your first ongoing service, or you might consider group counseling after having had a few individual counseling sessions.

Specialized services are available if you are troubled either by your own or someone else’s abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Various individual and group counseling programs are offered, including a court-approved program for those who have received a DUI citation.

The Counseling Center is likely to recommend: * NOTE: The above listings are not exhaustive, and our listing of these links does not constitute our endorsement of the links, nor of the clinicians that are listed there.