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– Django and Schultz intend to make Candie a deal he can’t refuse on Broomhilda.

In reality and the movies, the elite squads were populated by battle-tested World War II veterans, whose patriotism extended to the honesty and diligence required of the job. Adding to the familiarity of the story is the presence of Nick Nolte as the LAPD’s unorthodox Chief William H. Confidential” or “Bugsy,” Ruben Fleischer’s machine-gun opera “Gangster Squad” is stylish enough to appeal to fans of the all-star cast members, but takes far too many liberties with the facts to satisfy genre purists.It was immediately pulled and a scene had to be reshot, necessitating a new release date.One needn’t have been familiar with the 1966 Spaghetti Western classic “Django” to have thoroughly enjoyed – or, at least, admired – Quentin Tarantino’s violent crowd-pleaser, “Django Unchained,” in its theatrical release.Franco Nero’s portrayal of a coffin-dragging gunman caught between rival gangs on the U.

S.-Mexican border would be unforgettable, even if Sergio Corbucci’s film wasn’t also so terrifically entertaining.

It’s a sight that unsettles racist whites almost as much as the six-shooters on his belt.

With the money they make shooting desperadoes – if they’re wanted “dead or alive, why sweat the travelling expenses?

If a poll were taken among viewers as to the characters they’d most like to see suffer a violent death, it would be a tossup between the Uncle Ben look-alike and Candie.

“Django Unchained” is a superbly crafted movie that looks and sounds smashing in Blu-ray.

He isn’t a dentist, but the ruse tends to confuse the local yokels, who may or may not be aware that men with bounties on their heads live among them.