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Even if IQ is a boy with a box over his head, we, the readers are more inclined to agree with him.Yet, while Go Go Monster is grounded in realism, it conforms to Yuki's observations.

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Nearly everything in the manga is filtered through that character.Yuki's problem is that he's intelligent, but not so genius that adults are willing to extend patience to his extreme eccentricities.Though he's not inclined to let it concern him, the strain is even more pronounced in regards to his peers, where his ostracism is socially crippling.The First Lady Korean Aircraft Pilot "Pak Kyeong-Won" was born as poor Korean girl in the era of Korea merged by the Japanese Empire. Manga frequently touts youth and nonconformity, but few treat the qualities as artfully or honestly as Taiyo Matsumoto's Gogo Monster.This is not unheard of in the Japanese manga market, but it is uncommon.

The result is that Go Go Monster is freed from the pacing of chapter serialization.

As such, there is ambiguity as to whether its world is operating how he describes it or operating how we accept our world to operate. It's the work of someone who had gotten their mind around the whole space and worked that comprehension into a graphic representation. Nessie's distant cousin swims the bottom of the pool. And, those are all outliers for the real frenzy that occurs on the unused fourth floor of the school building.

If Go Go Monster is in fact capturing an elementary school microcosm thrown out of order by its missing Super Star, then it’s not just a character study of Yuki and Makoto. Yuki would be the scary psychic kid, and he and the manga certainly work in that capacity. Locked into that environment, trouble is introduced, then amplified. Place and genre serve as foundations for Taiyo Matsumoto's manga.

Makoto is a child who has not lived under the same Darwinian desperation as Black.

As such, he wouldn't express it in the same severe terms, but like Black's exasperation with White, Makoto wishes Yuki would get out of his own head and deal with the world in a sensible manner; one that would be less likely to leave him ground up by its workings.

As with Black and White's old, homeless mentor, Go Go Monster offers a guru of sorts, present and willing to attempt to explain the situation to Makoto. kids who run fast, kids who draw well, kids who are good fighters, kids who are good students...