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They talk about how the hooker really enjoyed it’ – a laugh escapes her – 'and returned the money at the end.’ Breslin is the daughter of literary parents: her father was a professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley and her mother taught English at nearby St Mary’s College. 'Berkeley was a very liberal place to grow up and freedom was prized.’ She took to the internet immediately because 'I could do whatever I wanted’.She interviewed the porn star Jenna Jameson for the site, 'and her publicist said, “If you’re ever in LA come to a movie set.”’ Breslin duly did. It was either that or hang out with gang members [Breslin had taught a course about gangs and drugs at an arts college in Illinois].

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’) to vulnerability and self-delusion ('they are genuinely interested in me’). His wife is friends with your wife so you have to be careful. I’ve been trained to walk off a heart attack.’ Some are angry and resentful.'Men have these hidden lives,’ says Breslin, 43, folding her long legs over each other.'And the sex industry is where those hidden lives take place.’ Not all men, but a significant proportion: about 11 per cent of British men admit to having visited a prostitute at least once, twice as many are estimated to have been to a strip club, and roughly 60 per cent make regular use of pornography.The waiving of ordinary morals in war, she believes, is not a million miles from that.Indeed, the messages from military men are among the most shocking in her projects.She thinks the experience is one of the reasons she and her husband clicked so quickly.

(They met online and, as Breslin has written in her column, 'We spent the weekend together.

'And the directors can be manipulative in terms of getting you to do what you don’t want to do.

You know, I might wonder, “How am I going to negotiate my Forbes contract? You’re naked, you’re in the middle of this half-circle of men, there’s cameras pointed at you.’ Was it ever sexy?

But the ones I’ve published are specific, self-indicting and complicated.

I trust my gut.’ Some, she says, are 'obviously fake. Breslin took a masters in creative writing before setting up a website, The Post-Feminist Playground, in 1997 back when most people had just got the hang of email.

(The film was called Flashpoint.) About that time she got the Playboy TV job and went on to visit more than 50 pornographic film sets. 'And I thought if I hung out on porn sets I was less likely to get shot.’ Initially, she says, it was 'fascinating’.