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With this new generation Airfryer with Turbo Star technology, it is now even easier to prepare healthy recipes without compromising the taste.Minimizes the use of unhealthy fats, allowing you to make great home-cooked meals, every day, with even cooking and a much more compact design.

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In just 90 seconds you can completely clean the basket and the mesh and have the Airfryer ready for reuse.Crunchy, tender and tasty thanks to Turbo Star Turbo Star technology, incorporated into the new generation of Philips Airfryer, ensures that all food is exposed to constant, uniform and circulating heat inside the fryer basket.The result is cooked foods simultaneously, without the need to turn them around, even when stacked.Finding allies in the kitchen to help us eliminate fats from our diet, without taking away our precious time and offering excellent results, with very tasty recipes is now easier thanks to the arrival of the new Philips Airfryer fryer with Turbo Star technology.Based on the success of the Airfryer model that already exists in the market and has become a basic object in the kitchen of the most demanding, Philips has unveiled its new generation of Airfryer, which incorporates Turbo Star technology and is accompanied by The launch of the APP for mobile devices where you can find tasty recipes to make with it.Thanks to this innovative technology, the hot air rotates quickly through the entire basket, giving a homogenous distribution of heat in the food and allows to obtain a fried food 50 ** more uniform and crisp.

Healthier fritters Like its predecessor, the secret of the new Philips Air Fryer with Turbo Star is based on Rapid Air, a technology that makes hot air quickly rotate through the food in the basket, allowing it to fry, bake, roast and toast with less Fats than a conventional fryer, with little or no oil, depending on the type of food.

Avoid physical activities in high heat conditions , especially if the humidity is high, or there is intense cold , no exercise during or in the days to infectious or febrile illness; cease the activity and seek medical advice before any abnormal symptoms , and not forgetting the advice provided by qualified doctors, trainers and physiotherapists, are other of the tips shared Dr. On the other hand, from the age of 65 it is important to note that 85% of the population suffers from some chronic disease and 45% of any heart disease .

In addition, there is a high prevalence of arterial hypertension, a high percentage take some type of medication and, finally, in many cases there are antecedents of some pathology.

ich liebe diesen kuchen, sein geruch, sein geschmack und die konsistenz! für 6 300 g mehl | 150 g butter | 100 g zucker | 2 eigelb | 1 prise salz | 250 g aprikosenmarmelade den mürbteig zubereiten. eine springform (26 cm durchmesser) fetten und bemehlen und den backofen auf 180°C vorheizen. den rand gut etwas hochziehen und den boden mit einer gabel mehrmals einstechen. den restlichen teig dünn ausrollen und in streifen schneiden.

diesmal habe ich für die füllung aprikosenmarmelade verwendet, aber der kuchen schmeckt auch super mit anderen marmeladensorten. mehl, zucker und salz vermischen, die eigelbe in die mitte geben, die butter in kleinen stückchen darauf verteilen und alles zu einem glatten teig verarbeiten. diese teigstreifen dann auf dem tisch rollen, damit sie rund werden und wie ein gitter auf dem kuchen auslegen.

New Philips Airfryer APP with recipes and tips Coinciding with the launch of this new model of the Airfryer family, Philips makes available the new free application for mobile and tablet “Philips Airfryer”.