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Watch metalocalypse dethmas online dating

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He's started searching for his biological father so... [more laughs, William just looks on] Skinky crack whores who need the money are like, "no thanks."Murderface: Not to brag, but I can pinpoint my fertility, too. [shows various photos of Dethklok members, not including Pickles, intoxicated and causing chaos] Flying hoverdrums all across Mozambique, who does that? He's the coolest high-tech drum machine known to humankind! Including, but not limited to Latin, soul, R&B, rock, adult contemporary, fusion, Latin fusion, and dildo fusion too! And in rare cases become self aware and cause dangerous harm to humans! [hides the cocaine bag behind his back]Charles: So, uh, I think we should,uh, be a little sensitive towards Skwisgaar, he's going through a lot, you know, uh... After selling krillions of records, its refreshing to see, that women still won't fuck you! You can't play with Pickles, but you can play with a machine. [a machine is shown in the darkness, playing a Metal beat; the band members look at it in awe]Facebones: And let me introduce you to your newest robot pal and band member, X2P1158! And most importantly, they can handle their alcohol! Facebones: The X2P1158 is equipped with a 10,000 megaton self detonation device!

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This scares Toki enough to urinate himself and he offers the lives of Dethklok in exchange of his own, even saying he'll lead the way. The voice says "I just have one thing to say before I kill you" and a gun is held to his head.Later a light is turned on and Toki is tied to a chair with the bag still over his head, scared witless.He pleads with his kidnapper, saying he has a lot of money and he begs not to be killed.Pickles says there's tons of fun planned for tonight including about a hundred women who are willing to have sex with him.Toki does not seem enthusiastic, saying "oh wonderful, just what I needs: more sluts." The emcee at Toki's party tells a lot of offensive jokes at the expense of Dethklok.Murderface and Skwisgaar get into a competition to see who can get the most women. Their especially made stage has the traditional Asian sweeping roof, but it has their personal flair as it is made of metal and there are several jagged spikes coming out of it.

At the end of the concert, Nathan thanks the audience and Toki takes the microphone to say "I loves you Tokyo. " Suddenly an unidentified kidnapper throws a bag over his head and everything goes black.


[gets up] How can people grow up listening to all that racket?

You're like a dogs whats bloateds and rottings on the sides of the roads. And that's our bread and butter they're fucking with.

Ofdensen: Now, if for some reason, I can't convince one of these two countries to reschedule, we could be the cause of World War III...which will hurt record sales.

Likes a dead whore whats the police won't even investigate 'cause no one cares-Toki: Buts... Nathan: There was that one time they almost reunited, but Rockso drank a whole bunch of acid right before he went onstage and just spent the whole night spraying some lady with huge tits in the front row with a big spraying thing and they didn't even play one song. Then they were supposed to reunite, but Rockso, the night before, smuggled like twenty condoms worth of cocaine into his intestines. Then there was that one time they were about to reunite and like Rockso borrowed $20 million from the Ecuadorian drug cartel and they were like, "Give us our money back," and he's like, "No, I'm not gonna give you your money back," and they're like, "Well, we're gonna shoot you," and he's like, "Well, go ahead and shoot me" and they shot him. For that, I may need a little patience on your- [Dethphone rings; clears throat] Sorry.