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For me, the beauty of this film is its reality component and inherent simplicity.

“To date most lion pictures shot in South Africa, have seen the import of trained lions,” says Producer and Lion Wrangler, Kevin Richardson. they’re lean, mean and heroic – not spoiled, fat and lazy.” The picture is the long-time dream of one of the owners of the Johannesburg Lion Park, Rodney Fuhr, who served as Executive Producer alongside his wife Ilana.Gisani, guided by fate, believes that he must find a way to prevent this tragedy from happening.When Nkulu is killed by a farmer, Letsatsi is forced once again to survive on his own.His original idea was to follow a tawny (normal colored) male lion cub from infancy to adulthood.Since then, it has obviously progressed to the stage where we are following a white lion and his journey.WHITE LION features a minimum of human beings – criteria that was put in place to ensure the story was told entirely from the lions’ perspective.

“What you see is virtually written and in a sense directed by the lions,” continued Swan.

And aside from being a wonderful experience that the whole family can enjoy, a film such as WHITE LION affords an intimate view of these magnificent creatures, depicting them in a way that that has never before been captured on film.” Filmed on location at the Kingdom of the White Lion, SA Lion Park, Nash’s Farm, Glen Afric and Entabeni Game Reserve, photography on WHITE LION was completed in June 2008 with final post-production in December 2008 and is the first feature film from South African-based company Peru Productions Pty. “As the original story was about a tawny lion, I had all my little tawnies, of all age-groups, lined-up, and then we got the call saying, ‘Hang on a moment what would you say if we cast the main hero as a white lion!

’ It made sense, but it also made my life a nightmare.

“We allowed the lions to perform naturally, with guidance by the wranglers and although we had a script, scenes were not set in tablets of stone.

Therefore some scenes had to be rewritten to accommodate the fantastic performances we were getting from the lions. “I think they knew what the audiences would respond to better than we did!

” WHITE LION is a family adventure story that follows the life of a white lion, Letsatsi, who is born into a tawny pride in the wilds of Africa.