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Some people bring weed to school and smoke it on the way home or at break time. I know it probably gives them a buzz, but I wouldn't want to get addicted.I look at the state they're in and know I don't want to do that to myself, but it's also because I've talked to my mum and older sister, Naomi, about it. Sex, drugs, alcohol - we're pretty open about it all, and that helps me make decisions for myself.

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' My mum buys my clothes and she's pretty cool about it.He knows that's the deal if he wants to be with in Year 9 at an all-girls state school in Sussex.Sometimes I get called 'chicken', but I usually just stand my ground and, in the end, my friends have to accept it.I do try to persuade them not to do some of the things they do - especially if I think it's a bit dangerous - but they don't often see it my way.On a Friday night they go to the park and smoke cannabis or get smashed out of their heads on drink that someone older buys for them.

They end up in scary situations - having sex in the bushes, throwing up everywhere or stumbling into the road in front of cars.

from Northampton, is in Year 9 at a local state school.

She lives in a four-bedroom detached house with her parents, Lisa, 38, and Glenn, 40, who run their own businesses.

Today's teenage girls come under pressure to grow up faster than ever before.

Last month the Home Secretary ordered a review into whether girls are being sexualised through fashion, music and computer games, but how many parents are aware of the social and sexual pressures their daughters face?

She lets me wear the things I like - within reason.