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Wanda living color dating game

They believed in equal pay for equal work, regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin and were active in the civil rights movement.More than anything else, they believed in marriage and the family as the basis of civilization.

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At first she objected, but gave in when he issued an ultimatum.Men had to work so their program was spread out over a series of evening and weekend meetings and retreats.The young women, however, were not allowed freedom until their mothers determined that they were prepared to be good wives.There are now plans to expand into the midwest and Mexico.GWU also has extension classes in various homes throughout the country.Today, an underground organization devoted to improving marriages operates in the US and Canada.

In addition to a main campus in the east, a campus opened in the California desert in 1989.

So they recorded their thoughts on what made a happy and fulfilling marriage.

After some long discussions, they developed a plan and in May, 1951, they faked serious illness so their daughters and daughters-in-law would come home.

More importantly, couples solved problems in such a way that adversity strengthened their relationships.

One of Gwen's daughters asked if a few of her friends could be taught how to be good wives.

I just don't have any self-control." The counselor said that he couldn't give Darlene self-discipline. While the kids were in school, Darlene set aside time to learn how to use the computer.