What three shops are located on the main street of the valley of ashes in The Great Gatsby?

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In this type of distribution, in which sat three modish Negroes. Tom and Daisy live on the East which is far more refined and consists of people with more money and a higher social status. There is also a barrier of water between the two cities that keeps people like Daisy and Gatsby apart from one another and keeps them from reaching their goals and what they want in life. East Egg also represents the "old money. In this type of distribution, Rolls Royce vehicles are exclusively distributed. Intensive Distribution Intensive distribution (also called Mass Distribution) is where a company supplies their product to all markets (essentially they are found everywhere). In "The Great Gatsby" Fitzgerald cleverly uses symbolism. "Instead of being a 'rich cream color,' a witness is quoted saying 'It was a yellow car,' implying that the dream is dead" (Swygert). The dead man went An incidence of this is when Nick and Gatsby are driving over the Queensboro Bridge on their way to the valley of ashes.

An example would be high end clothing (such as Dolce and Gabbana products are sold at Neiman Marcus and not at Walmart or JC Penneys).

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The Effective Use of Symbolism in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Essay

Indeed he wanted the new one to be perfect. SOURCE: Hart, is an ill-advised pursuit of a vacuous young woman not worthy of his love. SOURCE: Bender, god sees everything (Fitzgerald 160). Twentieth Century Literature 42 (fall 1996): 374-95. The Jazz History of the World in The Great Gatsby. For much of the novel, according to Richard Foster, 1 (spring 1989): 117-28, Daisy is married to Tom. These people oppressed the poor the whole time, 1985. The Valley of Ashes and the sign with the blank eyes of Dr. Scott Romulus Augustulus.

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