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Vrushika and shantanu dating websites

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Just at the age of 20 to be given this status, it feels so awesome. And then the chai date scene, which is my favourite. Shantanu: Watching lots of movies, splurging on shoes and eating a lot of vegetarian food.

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In real life too, Shantanu is rumored to be dating his co – star Sneha.He was not much interested in dancing before joining HR College but now he has trained in various dance forms ranging from folks to hip hop.He specializes in popping and (liquid) waving as well.And lastly, regarding Sneha, he says that she is one of his closest friends and there is nothing more than friendship between the two!Biography and Family: Shantanu Maheshawri was born on 7 March in the year 1991 in Kolkata, West Bengal.When Swayam fell in love with Sharon, it was one-sided — she being a diva and he a nerd.

He was determined to win her over and that’s how we became Swa Ron.

Swayam therefore decides to forget her and starts behaving coldly with her.

On the other hand, Sharon is left heartbroken after misunderstandings are created by a guy named Shivam.

Swayam decides to emotionally support Sharon which makes Sharon realize his love for him.

This makes them come closer but when he finally musters the courage to ask her out, she rejects it.

When she returns from Delhi, she turns a cold shoulder towards Swayam and also breaks up with him. Fashion according to him is: all about being comfortable!