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I was glad they offered another cartridge as well for additional viewing. My grandson is three, it took him a little time to press the lever with consistency.He really likes that he feels the wheel moves on different pictures and he controls it. This product is "good enough" but at times the disk does not engage and move forward.

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They flip through image after image and learn a lot along the way! my son found one of these at daycare and we decided it would make a great gift. This is a fun way to experience animals , a 3 D type of experience.At this time of the year, our manufacturers occasionally get bogged down.As a result, we're unable to guarantee holiday delivery for items that are backordered.If you're having an order shipped Internationally and want it delivered for the holidays, we suggest that you place your order no later than December 5th.However, because delivery times vary so widely from country to country, we cannot guarantee international deliveries before the holidays.Also wish the manufacturer could make the picture disks out of something more durable than paperboard.

I used to play with this when I was a kid, so I thought my sister's kids would like it. They spend so much time playing with it, and this keeps them away from TV, which is a hard thing to do!

As one of the top online toy retailers, we have access to unprecendented quantities of product review data.

One of the key ways that we use this data is by associating our products to the specific ages of the kids who are playing with them.

If a product is listed as "out of stock" or "not currently available for purchase", it means that we have sold our entire inventory of that product and will NOT be getting more prior to the holidays.

Because UPS Ground is not an option for these areas, we ship through the US Postal Service.

While this information is generally accurate, it should not be used as an absolute answer.