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The Red Cross set up a Filles Libres support centre, and sex workers were encouraged to attend the newly opened Henry Dunant Health Centre, named after the founder of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

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These are relevant themes at a time when many people live with discrimination or stigma, especially because of their work.(Some body tell him not to quit his day job if he wants to make porn movies, LMAO!'Ironing' the breasts of pubescent girls to protect them from men's sexual advances, as carried out in parts of Africa, can have harmful physical and psychological consequences, research shows - and does not always deter men DOUALA, Cameroon (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Mick-Sophie Anne started showing signs of puberty at age 10, her mother took a hot stone and firmly pushed it down on her daughter's breasts in an attempt to flatten her chest.At dusk, in a small, dark kitchen out of sight of the neighbours, Priscille Dissake would heat the fist-sized stone on a charcoal fire and press Mick-Sophie's breasts every evening for two months.INTERNATIONAL PRACTICE Although Cameroon is the only country where thorough research has been carried out on breast ironing, rights groups believe the practice is widespread across the region and among the West African diaspora, including in Western countries with stringent child-protection laws."In these cities, there was less social control and norms as different cultures mixed freely.They can access voluntary counselling and testing for a range of conditions.

For once, they are treated as patients, rather than looked down on.

The Cameroon Red Cross would like to expand Filles Libres.

It has already been replicated by Red Cross societies in Sao Tome and Principe, the Central African Republic and Equatorial Guinea.

If this project succeeds, I would leave the street and establish my own business.” Filles Libres coordinator Samuel Etame said the Douala branch of the Red Cross hopes to reach more women.

“Our ambition is to register a good number of sex workers who will be trained as peer educators,” he said.

They just call it a different name in their local language," she said.