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Upon learning it is booster shot day at school, Kevin goes pale and faints, falling off his chair in the process.

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Kevin has a garage full of jawbreakers because his father works at a Jawbreaker factory, and loves customizing his bike.Kevin is most happy when he has the opportunity to utterly humiliate Eddy, but when you look at the big picture, they are very similar – both have high ambitions, they often show off, and both feel the need to be in charge.There are only two things that frighten Kevin – needles, and Eddy's Brother.He, like every boy in the show except for Jimmy and Rolf, has a crush on Nazz.Kevin is a gym assistant and hall monitor at Peach Creek Jr. He hates all three Eds to the point of extreme paranoia, but holds a more intense hatred for Eddy because of their conflicting egos and because of Eddy's attempts to deceive the Kids with his scams.He tends to call the Eds "dorks" and has a habit of coming up with words merged with dork to suit the situation.

In fact, in "All Eds Are Off," where some of the kids had to give up something they like for a bet, Kevin had to give up calling the Eds "dorks", which he could not refrain from doing for very long.

He brags about his father's job at the Jawbreaker factory, thus earning the respect (coupled with envy in Eddy's case) of the other kids. It is his most prized and cherished possession, and he is most often seen riding it or making repairs to it.

He is most dangerous when someone endangers it in any way.

This fails when Edd, who had no idea of Eddy's plan, accidentally let slip that Kevin wasn't supposed to have a shot that day. It is unknown if his fear is cured permanently, or just for this one episode. It is unknown if Kevin ever met him before the movie; rumors about him are enough to scare Kevin.

This phobia also seems to be cured at the end of Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, when Kevin faces off with Eddy's brother after the older boy severely injures Eddy.

Without his hat, he appears to have very little hair on his head, with the exception of three long strands similar to Eddy or Edd.