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Authorities in Saudi Arabia have arrested several people following raids responding to a video which allegedly showed a same-sex wedding.

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But he warned Saudis that they must adhere to the “morals and virtuous values of this blessed country”.I'm speechless #chuu #heartattack Jtlt17— raven (@chuuandyves) December 28, 2017However, others have responded that “Heart Attack,” rather than being a positive representation of LGBTQ love, plays on K-pop’s tendency to rely on homoerotic behavior from its stars as a way to garner fan interest.In August, Beyond Hallyu, a blog dedicated to exploring K-pop's place in Korean culture from an international perspective, wrote that “portraying interactions between idol group members as romantic is a very effective marketing tactic.”And these outlets really thought they were doing something revolutionary when I bet my shit they were just regular queerbaiting Lr FUth— yves saint loona (@yvesmagritte) January 2, 2018All loona members r straight this is called queer baiting Sweaty — didn’t know u got chuu on speed dial......anything you’re just condoning heteronormativity I4A2md— ً (@jins6ul) December 28, 2017An alternate theory, one of many related to what fans have dubbed "the Loonaverse," has found traction with many of Loona’s fans, who see Chuu’s video as a depiction of childish adoration on the singer’s part toward an older, more mature female -- though the pair are only a year apart in actuality-- based on lyrics like “my heart that wants to be like you” and Chuu copying Yves’ wardrobe and actions in certain scenes.She joins Yves as part of the final four members, whose team has been described as “four girls who denied the garden of Eden.” And it is the depiction of Yves and Chuu in the music video for Chuu’s single that has caught the eyes of many.Explained via You Tube blurb as a song that “interprets the feelings of being in love” in “Chuu’s own adorable emoticon-like ways,” the music video shows Chuu watching, following and even taking photos of Yves.The video went online after Cardi B and Offset found themselves surrounded by drama this weekend.

After Offset’s phone was reportedly hacked, a video allegedly shot by Offset surfaced online that featured another woman. However, it was the video with another woman that prompted rumors of cheating.

According to Alaraby, the people arrested are to go to trial.

Aradiyat official Ali bin Youssef al-Sharif told the news oulet that they are being prepared for “referral to a public prosecutor.” The New Arab reports that the wedding took place near Mecca last week, citing an account from Arabic-language Saudi newspaper al-Marsd.

Despite Chuu's interest, Yves doesn't acknowledge the other girl for most of the video, even as Chuu tries to get closer and give Yves the gift of an apple.

Things come to a conclusion with Chuu and Yves celebrating Christmas together and Chuu feeding Yves a strawberry, but then shows Chuu laying on the ground as if dead before she is revived by Haseul, a previously revealed member of Loona.

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