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Due to its location in the tropics and idiosyncrasy during the 1980’s and the 1990’s, Colombia was not exactly the “go to” place for bands around the world.In the capital, Bogotá, there was a small but growing subculture among youngsters towards rock and metal, and this audience craved to go to those kinds of concerts.

This high expectation also gets translated into national acts. So if you're looking for what's on in Bogotá or festivals in Colombia, be sure to rub shoulders with the young and arty crowds that will flock to Rock Al Parque this July and catch some of the hottest talent coming out of Bogotá right now.As some of you have already read in previous posts, we have done some coverage regarding open-air festivals; and for a week or so now, we have focused on Festival Rock al Parque, one of the biggest open-air free festivals in South America.In 1997, the proportion between metal and rock acts switched in favor to metal, where national bands like Ingrand, Kraken, Neurosis (not to be confused with Neurosis from the United States of America), Agony, Tenebrarum, Ultrageno; and international acts from Argentina A. With the serious threat of getting the festival cancelled, the same audience that came to the earlier three editions showed their support for the festival, insisting that the event was an institution in itself and that was part of the Bogotanian culture.Such an impressive public campaign before social media even existed; fulfilled its purpose and so Festival Rock al Parque survived another round.The quality of their sound and their presentation as whole was very good, but the ever hungry audience tends to eat bands alive or even worse, decide to ignore them.

That is a particular issue, in my humble opinion, where a festival that is supposed to be an incentive for the local scene is not doing its due diligence partially because of the audience.

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For people of my generation, it was a treat to hear Sepultura and Suicidal Tendencies together with more recent acts like Baroness.

For a younger crowd, the heavily influenced punk Monday was not what they wanted to see.

The issues arise when Bogotanian audiences, or even the Colombian public as a whole never seem satisfied with the invited international acts.