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Validating user control

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Calculating the layout and drawing the views is a resource intensive operation.You should use the simplest layout possible to achieve good performance.

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Intel based images sometimes do not work on certain machines, in this case try an ARM based system image.New projects should prefer the usage of constraint layout.allows positioning the widget relative to each other. Relative Layout is a complex layout manager and should only be used if such a complex layout is required, as it performs a resource intensive calculation to layout its children.If not explicitly defined, Android creates a default application object for your application.An activity is the visual representation of an Android application.class which is instantiated before any other Android component.

It is the last component which is stopped during application shutdown.

ARM based system image tend to work on more computers.

Development for Android can be done on a reasonably sized computer.

performs tasks without providing an user interface.

They can communicate with other Android components and send notifications to the user.

For example, you should avoid nesting layout managers too deeply or avoid using complex layout managers in case a simple layout manager is sufficient. It allows you to use a flat view hierarchy and has great performance.