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Validating a checkbox in asp net c

validating a checkbox in asp net c-25

Here I am going to show a simple way of checking if any of the checkbox list items is selected or not.It is quite common scenario wherein a form contains checkbox list and that selecting at least one of the options from list is mandatory.

Net MVC4 Razor application using custom server-side and client-side validation.In this article I explain how you can validate that at least one checkbox is checked in an asp: Check Box List using an asp: Custom Validator, and how to make it work server side and client side.None of the built in validators will validate the asp: Check Box List, so you will have to create your own.Follow the following steps for validating checkbox in mvc razor.public class Registration Model //Making Custom attribute for validating checkbox // IClient Validatable for client side Validation public class Must Be True Attribute : Validation Attribute, IClient Validatable Now, you have applied the custom validation to the checkbox.In this article I have used,, sql server database, Java Script.

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So you have to validate ASP Check Box List by Custom Validator.

Please elaborate your requirement if it doesn't help.

This validation works for client-side and server side.

I hope you will enjoy the tricks while programming with MVC Razor.

Again for client side validation you could write a javascript function that uses the same logic mentioned above, however, what if you have other input controls which are validated using validation controls.