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Valerie a tyden divu

Valerie a tyden divu-88

The film ostensibly deals with the sexual awakening of a teenage girl, though the way director Jaromil Jires goes about this is extremely complex yet effortlessly captivating, and very enjoyable to boot.It takes in a variety of dazzling psycho-sexual concepts drawn from religion and mythological folklore which come off as both inextricably modern and deeply provocative still.

Attention to sexuality is everywhere: Valerie's grandmother's puritanical nature, the missionary's sermon to the town's virgins, the parish priest's attempt to seduce Valerie, and lusty adults at play.The only Jaromil Jires film available anywhere at the moment is THE JOKE (1969), by way of a reportedly substandard edition from Facets Video on VHS and DVD. Valerie a týden divů bývá označována za poslední filmový opus tzv.české vlny, díky které má i dnes česká kinematografie obrovské celosvětové renomé.Ostatně, hlavní tvůrčí osobností filmu je výtvarnice Ester Krumbachová, spjatá právě s filmem 2. let, která krom zcela fenomenální výtvarné složky pro Valerii a týden divů napsala i původní scénář.Photography, sets, costumes and make-up are all wonderful (if obviously done on a low budget) - and the accompanying choral music is beautiful indeed, almost ethereal. rights, as I would love to see it get a much-deserved renaissance on DVD.

The by-now deleted Redemption PAL tape presented the film in a full-screen format (I'm not sure if this is the correct ratio or not); the print was far from pristine but perfectly acceptable for an obscure item such as this. I cannot say whether VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS was actually a one-off for this Czech film-maker, as I know very little about his other work.

The film features a number of sexual perversions throughout, which is pretty amazing when considering that the lead actress was only 13 years old at the time (though nothing too explicit is ever shown): she is involved in lesbianism, incestuous/Oedipal familial relationships, and is even subjected to an attempted rape by a young priest – apart from being shown in various states of undress!

In this way, it would seem to cater to the tastes of practically every broad-minded film-goer one can think of (be it art-house, horror or erotica), though it is arguable how well-known this film really is – which is a pity.

Nicméně opět nelze jinak než odkázat na Nezvalovu geniální předlohu.

Hrdinkou je mladičká Valerie (Jaroslava Schallerová), která žije ve starobylém domě spolu s přísnou babičkou.

Valerie's nascent sexuality puts her in great danger.