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Updating wiikey 2

updating wiikey 2-11

The patches are cumulative, so you need only to install the last version available.

updating wiikey 2-36updating wiikey 2-54updating wiikey 2-28updating wiikey 2-31

You will see that the disc channel shows a Game Cube game. When it finishes restarting, your chosen game will appear in the disc channel. If you have a Game Cube controller, you can use that instead of the reset button.Installing updates from other regions may brick uyour Wii, so make sure the game you are using to update is from the same region.Note that installing updates can sometimes have undesirable results, such as the removal of region free capabilities with System Menu 4.2 or higher.It comes in a small plastic pack with includes a short length of wire to use in installing the wii key modchip on the DVD drive chip.It has six soldering holes which can be used to attach it to the DVD drive.Not bigger than an Australian $2 coin in size, the Wii Key and Wii Key2 mod chip is easy to handle.

Installation, though, is best left to professionals since it entails soldering.

CD game backups are recommended to be burned at 4x speed to make it reliable.

The wii key mod chip is supported by D2B DVD drive chips.

This applies to both original discs and backups, regardless of media.

Applies to: Wiikey Fusion Error 002 means the Wii system needs to be updated.

Some games come bundled with an update for the Wii system.