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For this reason I've tried wearing this at different times of the month, in different weather etc. Also, I cannot put my finger on what it smells like on my clothes. I have an almost full 100ml bottle of it if someone cares to swap/buy. It's rather a unisex perfume leaning more (and apparently) on the feminine side. It's not something linear in that sense and not suitable for a blind buy.

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But I have encountered it enough where a person just reeks of weed and patchouli and it kinda ruins patchouli for me. I wanted something feminine that wasn't over the top with sweetness and I think I have found exactly what I was looking for. Not a review, merely a personal opinion/recollection... You see the glistening of the pool, even though you are burning your feet on the hot concrete, you don't care because you are so close to the pool now and so ready to jump in when you realize you forgot one thing - you can't swim and you haven't blown up your floaties.Back in Soviet Russia, we had the laundry service for people who worked hard and didn't have time to wash the linens.It was returned to the customer with scent sheets between the layers of linen.Online shops offers: Fragrance 2 items for 63.04 - 84.49 USDFragrance UK 2 items for 65.94 - 96.08 uk 2 items for 68.00 - 91.13 2 items for 69.50 - 89.45 GBPPerfume Click 2 items for 77.75 - 93.40 GBPThe Perfume Shop 2 items for 79.00 - 112.00 GBPFragrance 2 items for 86.45 - 125.96 USDGalaxy Perfume 1 product for 91.88 GBPSaks Fifth Avenue - UK 1 product for 98.84 GBPView products...The new fragrance for women White Patchouli by Tom Ford arrives to the market in September 2008.White Patchouli is created in cooperation with perfumer of the house of Givaudan and it is mixed as a game of white flowers, patchouli, peony, bergamot, jasmine, rose, coriander and ambrette seed.

The perfume is available in a white glass bottle in three sizes: 30, 50 and 100ml edt, and as body lotion.

There is a pepperiness that fades in and out, allowing sweet peony to sparkle through. Ambrette arrives and dims the house lights slightly as she enters, causing everyone to move in a bit closer. But the night is still young and the laughter continues. Rose & Patch Ford throw the best parties, says everyone there.

There is that menthol patchouli note but it doesn’t overwhelm the other players. Another disappointing tom ford scent for me it started out promising, like a hybrid of prada amber and gucci rush. The medicinal notes reminds me of Christian Lacroix Absynthe in a way, but this is way nicer, more sophisticated. For me it could work as a summer scent, because it's very fresh and citrusy.

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Commercial for this perfume was done in black and white. I also love long lasting perfumes, they do not disappoint.