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Updating the symevent files

updating the symevent files-44

I went back into my bag of trick: driving to the office and hard reseting the server over and over again when it hangs up at the Windows splash screen.I did this for 2 hours without getting a successful boot.

After the upgrade I had to push-install the new version 12 Backup Exec Remote Agents to each of the servers I am backing up (about 6 total).On the file server I opened the Task Manager so I could view the processes and watch CPU and memory usage.Everything was running smoothly for about 60GB worth of backup.Then I noticed that the byte count of the backup job in Backup Exec had stopped progressing.I looked back over at my RDP session into the file server, and I was getting real time updates about CPU and memory usage still - both nearly 0%, which is unusual.I moved all of the data from the temporary server back to the regular server.

I got 3 nightly backups out of it before it locked up again and started the familiar failure to boot cleanly behavior.

We have received reports from some users of Acronis Files Connect (formerly Extreme Z-IP) running Symantec Corporate Antivirus that their server performance may degrade over time and hang the server.

If you are running Symantec Corporate Antivirus - please consider updating the SYMEVNT. Install Symantec Corporate Antivirus and Acronis Files Connect on the same server.

I installed the same Backup Exec Remote Agent and Trend Micro A/V client on the temporary server that I was using on the regular file server.

During this time, I had absolutely no problems backing up the temporary server. I rebooted the server once an hour every day for 3 weeks trying to make it fail. I felt confident that the reload was the answer to my problems.

5 of my servers are doing just fine, faithfully completing backups every night. Observations: The back story: This server started crashing during nightly backups about a month ago.