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Updating pivot table data

For Excel 2010 workbooks, the service directly performs the data model processing but continues to reply on Excel Services for loading the data model and updating the workbook.Scheduled data refresh request management for timer jobs and configuration pages.

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The Analysis Services server also needs to be able to delegate the user's credentials to data sources. Typical user experience: When a customer selects “Refresh All Connections” in an Excel 2013 workbook that contains a Power Pivot model, they see an error message similar to the following: Tip For information on refreshing workbooks from Share Point online, see Refreshing Excel workbooks with embedded Power Pivot models from Share Point Online (white paper) ( One to define the schedule and the second to view the refresh history.OLAP Pivot Table Extensions let you define your own calculated measures which are private to that particular Pivot Table: Those calculations appear in the Pivot Table just like any other calculations: They appear in the Field List pane at the very top under the Values grouping: For help with advanced calculation properties for these private Pivot Table calculations, or for help with MDX expressions, refer to our Calculations Help page.Thankfully, in Excel 2013 Microsoft does provide a UI for building MDX calculations for the first time.But there is no built-in UI to define your own MDX calculations.Adding extra Excel calculations in the cells surrounding the Pivot Table has some limitations as they are not part of the Pivot Table and can be wiped out if the dimensions of the Pivot Table change, and plain Excel calculations must only operate on data visible in the Pivot Table.For more information on upgrading workbooks, see Upgrade Workbooks and Scheduled Data Refresh (Share Point 2013).

Excel Services sends the Analysis Services server a process command that instructs the server to impersonate a user account.

For more information, see the Additional Authentication Considerations section in this topic.

OLAP Pivot Table Extensions is an Excel add-in which extends the functionality of Pivot Tables on Analysis Services cubes.

Note Interactive data refresh is only available for workbooks that created in Excel 2013.

If you try to refresh an Excel 2010 workbook, Excel Services displays an error message similar to “ Power Pivot Operation Failed: The Workbook was created in an older version of Excel and Power Pivot cannot be refreshed until the file is upgraded”.

Interactive data refresh is available after you configure an Excel Services application by registering an Analysis Services server, running in Share Point mode.