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Updating mame artwork

This is achieved by documenting the hardware and how it functions.The source code to MAME serves as this documentation.

updating mame artwork-35

In the unlikely event that either of these changes causes issues for your use case, you’ll have to build from source.In other news, the latest version of the Visual Studio 2017 C compiler is capable of building MAME.Visual Studio 2015 will be the primary supported version of Visual Studio for a few more releases, but if you were holding off updating to Visual Studio 2017 because of problems compiling variable templates and constexpr, you’ll be pleased to know that Microsoft has resolved these issues.This will only affect pre-built Windows binaries distributed from and – packaged source won’t be affected, and default build settings won’t change.If everything goes to plan, the following changes will be made: A number of Linux distributions have already switched to GCC 7, and a significant number of MAME developers and users build MAME with GCC 7 on Windows. The minimum supported GCC version is still GCC 5.1 and is unlikely to change for some time yet.There’s currently an issue with overlay artwork not being displayed when using bgfx video output.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to address this in time for the release.

Requiring SSE 2 improves performance and makes behaviour of 32-bit and 64-bit builds more consistent.

Note that this only affects our packaged binary releases – by default, 32-bit x86 builds won’t require SSE.

Computer fans don’t need to feel left out this Christmas, either.

The Agat-7 floppy drive emulation has been improved to the point where it’s considered working, and the internal HP-9845 printer is now supported.

It’s a bit late for Christmas, but MAME 0.193 is ready today.